August 17th: Preview Art Exhibit by Meg McLean


UU Art Gallery

Hours: Sundays: 9:30 am--1:00 pm

Saturdays: 7:30 pm --10:00 pm on days when UU Coffeehouse has a show

Exhibit openings: Arranged at artist's convenience

By appointment: Call: 939-9622

UU Art Gallery is a venue for art exhibits at the Unitarian church in the Shandon area of Columbia. If you are a member or a local artist who wants to exhibit your art work in our gallery, we have a 30 ft by 10ft high space for your personal art exhibit. No charge for exhibiting, but you must be willing to give a percentage of the proceeds from sales of your work to the UUC of Columbia.

"I'm do I get my artwork exhibited?"

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 July 20- August 11th

 "Stiching Life"

Textile art by Janet Swigler




Ever since elementary school when I discovered the fun of making doll clothes for my Ginny and Barbie dolls, I have been fascinated with creating things with fabric and thread ­ things to wear, things to use, things to look at! The sewing class I was required to take in high school was one of the best classes I took, teaching me the basic skills of the craft -- the rest has been up to me.
Before retiring from my career as an elementary school music teacher, I had the time and energy to create one piece of fabric art a year. Now the creation of art is a primary focus of my life. A self-taught artist, I am just beginning the process of exploring and experimenting with the possibilities of color, texture, line, perspective, balance, and form using the wonderfully tactile, magnificently colored and patterned medium of fabric.

I find that my regular practice of tai chi hones my attentiveness to the details of what surrounds me in daily life, scenes that invite me to depict them in fabric, sometimes abstract, sometimes realistic. It is very satisfying to capture a moment and render it in my personal style, hopefully conveying to the viewer the same appreciation of an observation and the joy I experience in its creation.

Two of my pieces ("For Lee" and "Rockland Breakwater") have won awards at the SC State Fair. In May, 2014, I spent a week at Poinsett State Park as an artist-in-residence. "Firefly Lullaby" is the piece inspired by that visit, and it will be given to the park for display. (As you look at that piece, notice the two red alligator eyes, a "wink" to the 6-7' alligator that slipped into the lake just before my canoe capsized!)

I have no idea what opportunity or inspiration will present itself next for my consideration but stitch by stitch I'm ready to find out!