UU Art Gallery

Hours: Sundays: 9:30 am--1:00 pm

Saturdays: 7:30 pm --10:00 pm on days when UU Coffeehouse has a show

Exhibit openings: Arranged at artist's convenience

By appointment: Call: 939-9622

UU Art Gallery is a venue for art exhibits at the Unitarian church in the Shandon area of Columbia. If you are a member or a local artist who wants to exhibit your art work in our gallery, we have a 30 ft by 10ft high space for your personal art exhibit. No charge for exhibiting, but you must be willing to give a percentage of the proceeds from sales of your work to the UUC of Columbia.

"I'm interested...how do I get my artwork exhibited?"

Download: Exhibiting in the UUArtGallery.Request to Exhibit, ArtAgreement. Inventory of Artwork

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   January 12 - February 15

    Doors: An Invitation to Imagine

A photo exhibit by Phil Turner



PHIL TURNER: Doors have always intrigued me with their unspoken potential and mystery. This is especially true when I visit other countries and cultures. The sounds and smells from beyond each door fire the imagination as does the silence.
The doors in this exhibit were photographed in countries along one of the earliest trade routes across the Atlantic from the Mediterranean to South America. Enjoy!

Dr Turner recently retired after a 34-year career at the University of Alabama and the University of North Texas. He is a long-time UU. Phil's interest in photography began at ten when he converted a utility room into a dark room and culminated in graduate degrees in educational media.