December 7th thru 31st, 2014


  "Put Me There"

Visual Art is as diverse as we are. It can entertain, transform, inspire.
An Exhibit by Karen Murphy Rhu






      As a college student I felt silenced by art history professors. Abstraction was all the rage and realistic painters were laughed out of the Academy. Art was supposed to be about formal elements alone: line, color, form. As Tom Wolfe observed in The Painted Word, in the 1970's modern art had moved away from storybook realism. "Then we got rid of representational objects, Then we got rid of the third dimension altogether and really got flat (Abstract Expressionism.) Then we got rid of airiness, brushstrokes, most of the paint, and the last viruses of drawing and complicated designs."
Influenced by my Unitarian-Universalist background, I was not interested in making art that conformed to the dictates of art theory. I felt called to create, but I was a nineteenth century painter in a post modern world.

          Fortunately, my university had a partnership with the art school next door so I was able to take classes that explored Art's wider purpose. In a Chinese painting class I was introduced to the idea of a painting as a portal to the natural world. I was drawn to lush landscapes with a solitary monk walking through. The beauty of the mountains and forests put human concerns in perspective. This professor taught a Contemporary Art class that included outsider artists. From him I developed a life-long preoccupation with the work of box-maker, Joseph Cornell. I was drawn to art that could transport me into a more expansive consciousness.

         "Put me there," sings Greg Brown in "One Cool Remove." I hope that these images will take you out of your everyday concerns and put you in a more serene place.



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